Keep Your Chimney Safe and Clean

Keep Your Chimney Safe and Clean

Turn to us for chimney sweep and cleaning services in Costa Mesa, CA

Over time, your chimney can start to get backed up with debris, ash and soot. If you need to get your chimney cleaned ASAP, turn to A1 Chimney Services. We provide chimney sweep services in Costa Mesa, CA. In just 45 minutes to an hour, we'll clean your chimney from top to bottom. We'll also clean up any mess we make and leave your home just as clean as we found it. You can trust us to do the job right the first time.

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Chimney cleaning done right the first time

You don’t have to search far and wide for chimney cleaning services in the Costa Mesa, CA area. Look no further than A1 Chimney Services. You should call us right away if:

  • Your fireplace has a lingering smoky smell
  • Smoke fills your room after you turn on your fireplace
  • There are oily marks around your fireplace
  • Rodents are taking refuge in your chimney

If you’re dealing with any of these warning signs, reach out to us now for chimney cleaning services. And be sure to ask about our wood stove and fireplace cleaning services.

How does our Costa Mesa, CA team handle chimney cleaning?

Want to know what to expect before our chimney sweeps arrive? When we provide chimney cleaning services for your Costa Mesa, CA property, we'll:

  • Work our way through the chimney from the bottom up
  • Complete a mechanical sweep of the stove, flue and fireplace
  • Clean your space to remove soot after our chimney cleaning is done

If we make a mess, we'll clean it up and leave your space spotless. Our process takes 45 minutes to an hour to complete. If you have any questions, contact our chimney sweeps today.